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#21524 - The Workers Schools: Russell Hill and Molonglo

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Journals No.62, Oct 2009
The Workers Schools: Russell Hill and Molonglo
Foskett, Alan
Journal article
Ainslie Primary School; Campbell; Causeway Camp; Corroboree Park; Ainslie; Duntrooon School; Economic Depression (1929); Federal Capital Territory; Freemasons Hall Acton; Gorman House; Molonglo Camp; Molonglo Internment Camp; Molonglo School; Narrabundah School; Parliament House (Provisional); Riverbourne Camp; Russell Hill Camp; Russell Hill School; Schools - ACT; St Christophers School Manuka; Telopea Park School; Ulmarra Public School; Westlake Camp; Iris Barling; Boyd Family; Spencer Brown; Amelia Bryant; Ted Bryant; Bysfield Family; Conley Family; Mervyn Cope; Charles Daley; Alan Foskett; William Gee; Lyall Gillespie; Ann Gugler; Haslem Family; Cecil Ivey; Muriel Kelly; Jonathon Longworth; Lynch; Millar Family;
Norman Moore; Lilian Mundy; C B Newling; O'Malley Family; Bill O'Reilly; Pat O'Reilly; Mena Stewart; Iris Taylor; Mena Taylor;
Muriel Taylor; S O Taylor; Lilian Webb; Wensing Family; Wright Family
Canberra & District Historical Society
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