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Curtin Living Memories: Wendy Saclier

Interviewer:Mandy Gyles

Wendy Saclier and her family moved to their home in Nelson Place Curtin in 1972. They are still living there today. Wendy worked as a speech pathologist for 40 years. She has made an equally large contribution through her involvement in many community organisations including the Canberra Quilters Society (of which she was a founding member), the Canberra Mothercraft Society, the National Council of Women, and more recently raising funds for research on Type 1 juvenile diabetes.

Main topics covered in the interview

Moving to Canberra with her husband Mike in 1972; why she liked Curtin from the outset; her work as a speech pathologist; Wendy's role in establishing Canberra Quilters; teaching patchwork and exhibiting her quilts; Wendy's involvement with the QE2 Centre for Mothers and Babies and the Canberra Mothercraft Society; fundraising for Mothercraft; fundraising for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; growing up in western Queensland; Wendy's involvement with the National Council of Women; her appreciation of the Radburn housing design of the area of Curtin n which she lives; just being part of the community.

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