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Curtin Living Memories: Barbara Browning

Interviewer: Cathy Hill

Barbara Browning moved into Curtin in late 1964. She is a long-standing member of Holy Trinity Parish (Roman Catholic). She has vivid memories of a tragic event that happened to a Curtin family during a severe storm in 1971. Barbara faced particular challenges, as a single lady, in establishing a home in the new suburb, but today, is still happily living in her original three-bedroomed house surrounded by her beautiful garden.

Main topics covered in the interview

Introduction; how Barbara came to move to Canberra and live in Curtin; challenges faced in coming to Curtin; memories of the early days in Curtin and in the Holy Trinity Parish; Barbara's garden; the 1971 storm and drownings; how Curtin has changed over the years; final thoughts on living in Curtin for over 50 years.

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