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#22724 - Our Queanbeyan Boys: The Queanbeyan district in World War 1

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940.3 OQB
Our Queanbeyan Boys: The Queanbeyan district in World War 1
Hall, Michael
Alfred Shearsby; Charles Howard; Yass; War - Canberra; War - Queanbeyan
Physical description
Illus. Ring binder
Profiles of the 167 men and one woman on the four Our Queanbeyan Boys postcards produced by Yass photographers Howard & Shearsby during the First World War.
Not for loan
Bingley, Hincksman, Parker, Bates, McInnes, Combs, Keir, Rowley, Morton, Shaw, Swan, Tully, Robinson, Smith, Cantle, Kanaef, Kelland, Neal, McIntosh, Meech, Harris, Cullen, Cornick, Gifford, Bellchambers, Lineham, Morris, Lee, Moore, Ford, Southwell, Coppin, Royal, Will, McGrogan, Jordan, Chopping, O'Rourke, Grocott, Chalmers, Morgan, Winner, Roffe, Warren, McFarlane, Roberts, Oldfield, Thornton, Naveau, O'Grady, Muir, Parcell, Griffiths, Fitzgibbon, Capes, Apps, Jackson, Annand, Lawless, Potter, Johnston, Mayo, Newson, Dingle, Callaghan, Read, Bell, Lodge, Tynan, Woodger, Dawson, Jacobs, Dunn, Cartwright, Darmody, Williams, Earnshaw, Cruickshank, Stewart, Feagan, Hatfield, Marshall, Little, Quigley, Haslam, Pike, Richardson, Gregory, Lake, McDonald, Clarke, Whyte, Cregan, Wallace, Clark, McLean, Heeger, Thompson, Grady, Penney, Yates, Kelly, Carney, Reid, Hush, Pidgeon, Burn, Hall, Pooley, Gregory, Edmonds, Keating, Mines, Patterson, Whittaker, Charters, Foster, Inglis, Cooper, Douglas, Nicholson, Thoms, Murphy, Webb, Middlecoat, Fowlie, McGivern, Gillespie, Chandler, Badgery