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#20133 - [Women in settler society pre 1908]

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[Women in settler society pre 1908]
Kilby, Beatrice; Southwell, Beatrice
Beatrice Southwell daughter of Thomas and Mary Southwell. Married James Kinloch Kilby (son of Robert and Jane nee Webster) on 31 March 1897 at the little church at Parkwood her father had built. It was the last marriage in this church. Lived at 'The Falls' near Parkwood. Had five children. James Kilby purchased the house and land of Patrick McGibbon of 'Eneagh Hill' Hall and moved there on 27 July 1905. In 1910 James purchased 'Parkwood' from Edwin Davis. Beatrice died in September 1947.
See Gillespie, Lyall L. The Southwell Family : pioneers of the Canberra District, 1838-1988. (CDHS Library)
See also Appendix A, Biographical Notes (under husband's name) in Gillespie, Lyall L. Ginninderra, forerunner to Canberra : a history of the Canberra District, published in 1992 (CDHS Library)