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#18868 - A History of Stirling Park

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A History of Stirling Park
Gugler, Ann
Journal article
Yarralumla, Stirling Park, Gura Bung Dhaura (Stony Ground), Klensendorlffes Land, Westlake, Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra Yacht Club, Briar Farm, Attunga Point, Lotus Bay, Ngunnawal Tribe, Stirling Ridge, The Gap, Hotel Canberra, Burns Club, Howies Hostel, Howies Cottages, Old Tradesmens Camp, No 1 Labourers Camp, Westlake Hall, No 3 Sewer Camp, Bells Corner, Royal Canberra Golf Club, Molonglo River, Springbank, Acton, Black Mountain, Lennox Park
Commonwealth Avenue, Westlake Hall, Casey House, United States Embassy, South African Embassy, French Embassy, Westlake Horse Paddock, Canberra Mosque, Westlake Tennis Court, Mexican Embassy,
Egyptian Embassy, Collins Park, Lake Burley Griffin, National Capital Planning Authority, Button Wrinklewort, Rutidosis Leptorrhynchoides, Briar Farm, Institution of Engineers Australia,
Outfall Sewer, Haines Creek, Limestone Plains, Acton Peninsular,
Lake Burley Griffin, Corkhills Paddock, Morrisons Hill, Morrisons Flat, Tralee, Bulga Creek, Kurrajong Hill, Capital Hill, Duntroon,
Yarralumla, Riverview, Westridge, Canberra House, Power House, Cotter Dam, Federal Capital Advisory Committee, Telopea Park School, Parliament House (Provisional), Federal Capital Commission, Molonglo Internment Camp, Capital Hill Hostel, Causeway Cottages, Stromlo Observatory, Masonic Lodge Acton, Corroberee Park, Ainslie Hall, Westlake Hall, Old Tradesmens Camp, Freemans Tent Cottage, No 1 Labourers Camp, Kingston, Economic Depression (1929), ACT Advisory Council, Canberra Development Plan, National Capital Development Commission, Beadmans Hill, James Ainslie, Don Bell, Bondarenko, Alison Bryant, Robert Campbell, George Campbell, Frederick
Campbell, Alison Cook, James Cook, Robert Corkhill. Herbert Daniel, Frances Day, Jeremiah Dillon, Ken Dinnerville, Malcolm Fraser, Jim Fraser, Arthur Freeman, Ruth Freeman, Walter Burley Griffin,
M. Haines, Bill Haines, John Howie, Richard Jenkins, Joseph Kaye, Charles Kaye, Alison Kinlyside
W. Klensendorlffe, Charlie Law, Jack Lette, Les Lyons, Spencer McDonald, Joshua Moore, C. W.Moriarty, John Morrison, Catherine Morrison, Stewart Mowle, Terence Aubrey Murray,
Ronnie O'Rourke, Peter William Plomer, Henry Maitland Rolland, Charles Robert Scrivener,
Arthur Shakespeare, Bert Sheedy, David Shorthouse, Charles Throsby Smith, George Sykes,
Haven Thompson, James Vaughan, Joseph Wild, Alison Willis, Dr Robert Boden, Dr Alan Cowan, Dr
Roger Farrow, Arthur Freeman, John Stephen, Mrs Erikson, Sir John Butters, Sir John Sulman
Stirling Park in Yarralumla is also known as Gura Bung Dhaura (stony ground). Formed part of Klensendorlffe's land grant and later the site of Westlake, where the author once lived.
Journals No.46, Sept 2000
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