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#15475 - Soudan donkey at Duntroon

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Photograph 1772
Soudan donkey at Duntroon
Soudan donkey at Duntroon
Physical description
Black and white enlargement of an album mounted photograph 22cm x 20cm
Not for loan. Copy may be purchased.
Caption on photograph '33 Soudan donkey at Duntroon'.
Refer to 'The Soudan donkey at Duntroon', CDHS Journal, March 1982.
Photograph donated to RMC Archives by a cadet of the first class to enter the College. In 1885 the NSW Government despatched a contingent of troops to aid Britain's reconquest of Sudan or the 'Soudan' as that country was then known. The donkeys are reputed to have been brought back by the troops as mascots when the contingent returned after only 7 weeks spent in the Sudan. In the months following the men's return the donkey regularly appeared in Hop Bulletin cartoons as emblems 'of what the Bulletin considered and circumstances proved, to be an entirely unnecessary expedition'.