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#18851 - Planners on Top - Surveying thirty years of the NCDC

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Journals No.40, Sept 1997
Planners on Top - Surveying thirty years of the NCDC
Killen, Darryl
Journal article
ACT Advisory Council, Belconnen, Black Mountain Telecommunications Tower, Canberra - Buildings, Canberra - Town Planning, Canberra Association for Regional Development, Canberra Business Council, Canberra Chamber of Commerce, Childco International Report, City Hill, Civic Centre, Gooromon, Gundaroo, Gungahlin, Jeir, Metropolitan Structure Plan Report , NCDC, Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Authority Act, Sutton, Transfer of Public Servants, Tuggeranong, Vorhees and Associates Study, Woden, Y Plan, Colin Adrian, William Dunk, Lou Engeldow, Allan Fairhall, Jim Fraser,
Peter Harrison, K H Herde, William Holford , Rolf Jensen, Ros Kelly,
Wilfrid Kent Hughes, Jeff , Kenworthy, Darryl Killen, Malcolm Latham, J A McCallum, William McLaren, Ronald Mendelsohn, Robert Menzies, Peter Newman, John Wallace Overall, Tony Powell, Gordon Scholes, Albert Thompson, Tom Uren, Alan M Vorhees, Ian Wood .
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